Dr. Sheree Wen

Medina City Council  

Newly constructed 84th Avenue Northeast. Sheree advocated hard to include bike facilities and ADA-compliant sidewalks. She also advocated to expand Washington state grant funding to $1 million. Now the roadway is safe, beautiful and enjoyable.

I love Medina and wish to make it the best place to live in the Northwest: beautiful, peaceful, safe and pleasurable. If re-elected, I will work collaboratively with city councilmembers and residents to develop smart solutions that address the issues you care about most. Together, we will ensure that Medina remains a secure and healthy place to live in the future.

High Priorities

  • Enhancing the beauty and safety of Medina
  • Minimizing the impact on residents' privacy and cybersecurity
  • Preserving the health and comfort of Medina’s residents 
  • Providing transparency when Medina enacts new ordinances

Enhancing the Beauty and Safety of Medina

Medina has beautiful trees that have been enjoyed by residents for decades. However, the clean natural skyline has been cluttered by the heavily loaded power poles and cables.

Medina residents are also concerned about frequent power outages. Our neighborhoods are filled with wooden power poles with high voltage components and cables interlaced through the residential trees.

The power poles with attached cables and equipments have caused several fires, including recently on March 26, 2019 near the intersection of 84th Ave NE and 24th street.

In addition to the fire risk from the high voltage components, bolts, transformers, and cables, the wooden power poles are also prone to leakage current that can ignite fires. The electrical fire can spread quickly and cause uncontrollable wildfires.

In 2018, similar overhead power poles with attached power equipment and lines in Paradise, CA, caused a wildfire to break out which destroyed 18,804 buildings, killed 87 people and cost $16.5 billion. According to LA Times, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. was bankrupted and announced that they would install underground powerlines in Paradise in the hopes of preventing a future disaster. 

We need to improve residents' safety, remove potential fire hazards, and reduce power outages.

To cherish the natural beauty and safety, I propose to restart the initiative of burying power and utility lines underground; and to transform our streets and sidewalks into safer and ADA-compliant pathways. All residents will enjoy the spaces for walking, jogging, biking; along with greater accessibility for strollers and wheelchairs under a beautiful clear sky.

I volunteer to lead efforts to seek potential grants and funding for beauty and safety in Medina.

A wireless cell unit mounted on a wooden power pole on Evergreen Pt. Rd. The exposed wires, devices, and connectors mixed with high power cables are vulnerable to fire, hacking, and tampering. This may pose concerns of privacy, cybersecurity, power outages, communications disruption and health risks. 

Minimizing the impact on residents' privacy and cybersecurity

Rapid technology innovations enabled us to enjoy access to near-instantaneous information and personal connection throughout the world. Smartphones, computers, and fast networks propelled remote-controlled applications in home automation, the Internet of things, and home security systems. The coming of 5G networks also offers exciting new applications. However, hackers and predators are also getting even more skillful to invade citizens' privacy, safety, and security. Innumerable instances of ID theft has piplined confidential information into hackers' hands and foreign countries.

It is critical to follow prudent engineering practices to safeguard the deployment of new technologies and protect the privacy, security, and health of residents, their families, and businesses.

Instead of deploying new cell technologies with openly mounted cells, wires, connectors, and devices on Medina's wooden power poles that pose safety and security concerns, I propose we implement integrated poles that enclose all loose components in an EMI-free metal enclosure. These well-designed poles, together with well-engineered communication and safety solutions, will protect our privacy and security. These nice-looking integrated poles are populated all over other cities in the United States.

An integrated 5G wireless cell conseald in a metal pole- Bellevue reporter.

I propose to organize a concerned residents group that works together with cell carriers to provide better deployment solutions to protect our residents' privacy and security.

Preserving the Health and Comfort of Medina’s residents 

Medina's residents are proud of our comfortable, healthy and beautiful environment. 

In 2019 the World Health Organization cites strong evidence that noise is one of the top environmental hazards to both physical and mental health.  Noise causes adverse cardiovascular, metabolic and psychophysiological impacts, reduces performance and provokes changes in social behavior.

We need to accelerate our city’s effort to protect residents from excess noise impacts, especially the thumping noise from the 520 bridge joints.

We need to accelerate the solution testing and obtain funding to eliminate noises above health thresholds and protect our residents' health.

In December 2018, the National Toxicology Program (NTP) of NIH reported their results of two years of studies regarding the toxic effects and cancer-causing by the cell tower radiation. Affirmed by 110 subject experts, the NTP study depicted that the electromagnetic radiation coming from cell towers and phones can cause cancerous tumors in the heart, brain, and adrenal medulla. There were increased incidences of malignant glioma and glial cell hyperplasia in the brain. Also, a significant increase in DNA damage in the brain after exposure to wireless cell radiations.

Dr. Henry Lai, of the University of Washington and former Co-Editor-in-Chief of the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, has compiled summaries of over 1000 research findings on the biological and health effects due to exposure to wireless cell radiationThis color-coded chart depicts the impact of wireless cell radiation impact on health. It caused cancers, impaired memories, damaged blood-brain barriers, heart and kidney problems, DNA damages, and decreased sperm count, etc. The chart also shows that cell radiation caused a two-fold increase of leukemia in children and adults and have a reduced survival rate in children. 

DR. Joel M. Moskowitz, of UC Berkley, made a keynote speech on cell tower radiation and showed that  children absorb 2x more radiation than adults. 

More than 250 expert scientists worldwide appeal to WHO and United Nations based on numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. They requeste multiple actions including:  children and pregnant women be protected; guidelines and regulatory standards be strengthened; manufacturers be encouraged to develop safer technology; utilities responsible for the generation, transmission, distribution, and monitoring of electricity maintain adequate power quality and ensure proper electrical wiring to minimize harmful ground current etc.

Let us be transparent and make the best effort to protect the health of residents. I also propose to organize a concerned residents group to advocate communication carriers to follow best practices of deploying infrastructure that minimizes the impact on people's health. 

Providing transparency when Medina enacts new ordinances

I believe in simple ordinances and making them sensible for homeowners. I want to ensure the city’s policies respect property rights, comply with state laws, and balance a healthy non-toxic environment. 

The government code change process needs to be transparent. Notice shall be sent out to all residents well ahead to allow ample time for them to understand content changes. Let people ask questions and provide input during public hearings before council voting. After all, residents are the people who have to live by those code changes for years to come. 

Please join Sheree to make Medina even more neighborly......

A more prudent 5G wireless cell deployment with an integrated metal pole. It encloses wireless cells, cables, connectors, and devices; is safer, more secure, tamper-resistant, remote manageable and neat.

Camp fire, Paradise, CA. November 8th 2018 

result from an overhead power pole loaded with high power equipments and cable.