Sheree Wen

for Medina  City Council  

Medina Days 


UNESCO Washington State Center,

IEEE Seattle

IEEE Oceanic engineering Society

jointly present  

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles  AUV

Under water Robots

August 8th, 10:15 am -1pm

 Medina Park


AUV monitors ocean environments, locate undersea archaeological sites, and patrol ports and harbors for security purposes. The robots can reach shallower waters than research boats and dive deeper than humans. They can also work around the clock, even in inclement weather, and their sensors can be as accurate as those on research vessels or satellites.


Medina Days,   Kids are excited to drive Under Water Robots !!!

A delightful Medina Block party 

Washington First Robotic Competition

An inspirational  afternoon Forum

Together we'll enjoy!!!

Please Join Sheree to make Medina ever more Neighborly......

Let's put Residents First

Please Join Sheree for Medina days  !!!