Sheree Wen

for Medina  City Council  

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the 84th Ave NE, Medina, on July 9, 2019.
Sheree have worked hard advocated for a beautiful, safe and healthy road, now is enjoyed by bikers, drivers, walkers, elders, children and disabled. That work also expanded state funding to $1 million for this project.


“Sheree’s extensive knowledge and experience in socioeconomics at the state, national, and international level will be a great asset to our city.” 

“I have confidence that Sheree will work collaboratively with us as residents, and together with members of city council to ensure Medina's policies are enacted to positively serve the wellbeing of our residents."  

“Yes, I would be happy to endorse your candidacy. You would make an excellent member of the council.”      


" Sheree has a big heart and a lot of energy."     -   Gretchen Stengel 

"We are excited about the opportunity to have Sheree as a member of the Medina City Council.  We are impressed with her passion, humility and energy.  She's a well-educated leader with a genuine interest in consensus building and preserving the rights of individual property owners without compromising our idyllic little town.  We strongly encourage you to cast your vote for Sheree.  She's the change agent we need!"     

         -Randy and Gina Harris     

"I know Sheree. I have worked with her on a few projects. She is passionate about helping people and is always open to new ideas about how to help people. I put my project under her umbrella and my trust grew. Sheree is on a number of boards serving as president on many. She is smart, capable and committed. I will vote for her and would urge you to do the same. She will put you first."         

         Vandana Nandan

If elected, Sheree will work humbly and collaboratively with you and council members to smartly address the needed changes you care about most and jointly to shape Medina’s future to be safer, healthier, and a better environment to live in.

Sheree wants to put Medina residents first.

In addition to advocate for sensible tree code, Sheree spoke up numerous times at Medina City Council meetings and public hearings and wrote many letters asking the city to refrain from putting a gigantic cell tower in the park. Not to compromise the quality of wireless services or the recreation use of our parks for residents, Sheree advocated to use readily available technologies to displace the planned large cell tower that has caused neighborhood issues.

Sheree’s priorities, derived with input from many Medina citizens, include:

Beautifying and Enriching Medina -Sheree has innovative ideas and will seek resources to accomplish them.

One example is to seek Washington State grants and other resources to bury underground the risky power lines that get tangled in trees, eliminating power outages during storm and transforming  the street into beautiful, safe, green and healthy spaces for walking, jogging and for wheelchairs and mothers with strollers.

She willl tap into the many outreach programs of non-profit organizations to hold fun and     inspirational community activities so neighbors can gather and enjoy each other’s company. Examples include Robot in the Park, sailing lessons for kids, seminars on latest advancements in medicine, and latest releases of new technologies, etc.

Enacting Sensible Ordinances and Codes -

While addressing the benefit of trees for ecology, fresh air and preserving Medina’s natural characters which many of neighbors cherish, Sheree will continuously advocate to simplify the code and rules to be resident friendly,  and to permit homeowners to manage their property’s safety and needs. She will seek from residents to optimize a smart and balanced resolution.   She will help council to ensure ordinances and codes to comply with the US and WA State law, respect privacy and property owner's right.

Enhancing Public Safety - Sheree’s global endeavor will be an asset in seeking additional resources.

King County is located in an earthquake prone zone. The city need to examine how and where to improve to protect residents from impact by falling trees and collapsed buildings during storm and earthquake.

 Sheree served as co-organizer of the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology conference (GHTC15) held during Oct 8-11th 2015, in Seattle and attended by over 300 scientists and engineers from around the world. Part of the conference focused on disaster relief by using cutting edge tools for preparedness including instant power and communication during disasters plus innovative prevention and rescue tools.

Sheree also serve as US National Commissioner to UNESCO. UNESCO’s has a critical science mandate, including in the fields of freshwater resources management, tsunami warning system, disaster risk reduction and preparedness and sustainable development. Sheree will be happy to bring those worthwhile collaborative technologies and services for residents of Medina to take advantage of.        

Sheree is well qualified to fulfill the role of a Medina city council member.

Sheree is a well-educated, hardworking entrepreneur. She is innovative, intelligent, and open-minded. Sheree earned her Ph.D. in Science and Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. She was a gold medal winner, named Young Scientist of the Year, and founded several global companies that developed and manufactured pace setting electronic products. She holds multiple worldwide patents.

Sheree is a respected, compassionate leader devoted to local and worldwide communities. She currently serves as the United States National Commissioner to UNESCO and is the President of UNESCO Washington State. She serves as Chair of IEEE Seattle, a professional engineering organization with over 4,300 members. She also serves as committee chair on Humanitarian activities partnership for the IEEE worldwide, which has over 400,000 members. As well, Sheree passionately serves on numerous local boards including the Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB), the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), the University of Washington Library, and the Columbia Tower Club. Sheree devotes herself to noble causes including peace, art, culture, STEM, education, sustainable environment, humanitarian effort, disaster relief, domestic violence, and human rights.

Sheree is ready and committed to advocate on your behalf. If elected, Sheree will work humbly and collaboratively with council members and citizens to develop smart solutions to address the issues you care about most and to shape Medina’s future to be safer, healthier, and better environment to live in.

Sheree will strive for a more open, responsive, inclusive and effective city government. Residents can rest assured that if elected, Sheree will make a very effective council member and will help bring positive results. She will make a notable difference to our community!

Please visit for more in depth information about Sheree. You can reach out to her directly via email ( or  Phone (206.419.1459).


Little duckies play with waves at Medina Park

Please Join Sheree to make Medina ever more Neighborly......

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