Dr. Sheree Wen

Medina City Council  

I fell in love with Medina at first sight. The green, healthy environment, the charming parks, beautiful Lake Washington and the excellent schools. I have enjoyed making my home here. 

Our beloved city has grown and prospered significantly in the last two decades. Kind people, brilliant minds and respected leaders from across the country and around the globe have made Medina their home.

Since 2015, I have worked hard to ensure that Medina is a safe, secure, quiet, healthy, and pleasurable place to live. However, we face challenges in the infrastructure and as new technology is deployed. These challenges will have an impact on our residents' well-being and calls for a thoughtful leader with experience, wisdom and devotion. I am passionate about caring for our city and its people, and have decided to seek re-election for Medina City Council.

A city government that puts its people first can truly make this special place even better – among the best places in the world to call home.




Ribbon Cutting for

Medina Park Foot Bridge

November 9, 2018

Please join Sheree to make Medina even more neighborly......

 Dr. Sheree Wen

 She is passionate about

 Putting residents first